If McDonalds were a software company it could take over the world
The opportunity cost for pursuing a good idea is very low and the consequences of failing with a bad one are very high.
Redpoint’s Meera Clark Explains
Once again I’m sharing my annual reading list and once again I’m late to do it! What can I say; I’m a delinquent. This (2022) was a weird year of…

December 2022

When to raise and what to do first
Keeping cultural exports out of authoritarian hands

November 2022

The obsession with investing careers has moved from misplaced to unhealthy

October 2022

We’ve already covered how healthcare services businesses aren’t venture backable and won’t produce large, sustainable compounders. Accepting that, what…

July 2022

Collaborate and the rest will follow
When everything is up and to the right and everyone gets a participation trophy just for showing up, it’s easy to be directionally correct and delude…

June 2022

So enjoy it will you can
Don’t build the startup ship of Theseus.